Top 5 colors for bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid take an important part in your wedding . Although it’s your big wedding ,but the bridesmaid will make your wedding looked more perfect and colorful . Today let’s talk about five gorgeous color for bridesmaid dresses 2017.

number one is sage green. This sage green bridesmaid dresses color looks very perfect for spring wedding , with the black satin sash to decorate the waist , you will have a gorgeous wedding.Number two is pearl pink color. For most women all pretty sure want to have a sweet and romantic wedding , well pink color has many different shades , pearl pink is the best one to indicate the romance and happiness. this strapless pearl pink bridesmaid dresses are simple but noble for your bridesmaid.

Number three silver gray color. Silver is a cold color for normal dresses .But it’s very popular these years for bridesmaid dresses. more and more wedding tend to like run way to have a better photo album. It’s chic and low key fashion.

Number four is burgundy red. Well burgundy color is always good choice for fall season or winter wedding. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are not like as red as capture attention , but it’s looked gorgeous on any skin tone colors bridesmaid. If you bridesmaid are in different skin tones , try on burgundy bridesmaid gowns.

The last one is lilac color. As we all know lilac means forever and romantic , it’s not like purple too dark , this one shoulder lilac bridesmaid dresses are gathered on top to show cleavage and draped the skirt down to floor .It’s the ideal choice for summer wedding .

There are still has many gorgeous colors such as coral bridesmaid dresses , lavender bridesmaid gowns.etc . No matter which color you will choose , make sure you talk with bridesmaid first. They are your best friends and closest relatives ,you can’t handle this huge party without their help and participate. Have fun and enjoy your shopping.











How to choose beach wedding dresses

Summer season actually is not the best time to have wedding, it’s hot and rainy. But many couples still choose summer wedding because they can’t say no for beach wedding. Beach wedding is romantic and casual, that’s why you need to take long time to search your beautiful beach wedding dresses.

You should make a budget list before shopping. Beach wedding costs lots of money, you don’t need to spend too much money on a dress which just wears one time. But you can’t choose a cheap and low quality dress either. Many online shop has beautiful beach wedding dresses but in very affordable price.

Check on internet before shopping. So you can choose the interested beach wedding dresses and make notes. Try on similar style in wedding shop, so you can figure out what kind of wedding dress flatter your figure.

A-line beach wedding dresses are almost flatter every body shape. If you don’t know how to start, try on a-line wedding gowns. Mermaid wedding dresses are charming and exquisite, but it’s perfect for curved lady. Empire wedding dresses are ideal choice for maternity brides or the brides who have a big tummy.

The length of beach wedding dresses don’t have limits, you can wear any length as you want. But make sure the wedding dress can’t be shorter than bridesmaid dresses. Don’t wear long train wedding dresses for beach wedding; it’s not convenience for walking.

The color of beach wedding dresses are not just in white or ivory , many trendy brides are also choose gold , champagne for beach wedding gown.

No matter what kind of beach wedding dresses you will choose, make sure it’s flatter your figure and skin tone. The most important is being happy and relax when shopping.

How to choose evening dresses

Every woman deserves a flattering evening dress in closet. Right evening dresses will makes you looked stunning and enhance your confidence. However it’s difficult for most women to pick the right dresses to meet all the requirements. A right dress will save your money and flatter body shape and skin color.

Firstly, make sure the evening dresses you like are flatter body shape. Of course different women have different body shapes, you can’t choose same evening dress from saw a TV show. A-line evening dresses almost flatter every body shape, if you don’t have balance figure, go for A-line gowns.

Mermaid evening dresses are charming and perfect for the curved figure. If you have beautiful cleavage, long legs and slim waist, why don’t wear mermaid evening gowns?

Straight/Column evening gowns are modest, it’s usually chosen by mother of the bride (groom). Don’t choose column dresses if you have a huge hips, it will enlarge your butt.

Empire evening dresses are usually designed for maternity women who need to attend the party. It’s cut from under bust and goes down straight to the floor. Of course you can choose it if you have a big tummy without pregnancy.

Colors of evening dresses are complementing your skin tone, makes you looked most stunning. Black evening dresses are safe choice for most women, but if you want to be attractive, you should try on some bright color such as red evening dresses. No matter which color you will choose, make sure it’s flatter your skin tone.

It can be a little stressful after shopping long time for evening dresses, but you need more patience and try on different dresses. With the charm and confidence you carrying, you will get a right evening gown.





How to choose maternity wedding dresses

Its common now when a bride is pregnant, maternity wedding dresses become the choice for bride who is mother to be. A pregnant bride deserves same beautiful as other brides, so there have many designers today designed stunning maternity wedding dresses. Here are some tips may help maternity brides to find the right dress much quicker and easier.

Normal style wedding dresses are tight or slim at waist; apparently they are not perfect for the maternity brides. Natural waist wedding gowns or dropped waist dresses are not considered for maternity brides.

Set a budget before shopping. Wedding costs high, and been a maternity bride who might to give birth baby after wedding, you should make budget for maternity wedding dresses. Many online shops has varieties maternity wedding gowns in very low prices, you can ask several of them and make a choice.

Maternity wedding dresses are in empire waist which start from under bust and go down to the bottom. You can wear full length or short length as you want. Full length maternity wedding gowns are elegance and charming, while short maternity gowns are cute and easy for walking.

Don’t choose the maternity wedding dresses with long train. Consider you are pregnant and not walking quiet well, make sure you will not tripped by the train so choose the dress with small train is fine.

You should calculate the months when wedding coming, and tell the shop owner your currently belly girth, so they can leave appropriate space for belly to grow up. Many online shop have customize service , make sure you send them correct measurements and choose the dress in lace up back. You can make adjustment tight or lose if the dress in lace up.

Don’t wear high heels for maternity brides. Many wedding ceremony at beach, you will be tripped down by sand if wearing heels. No matter what kind of wedding dress you will choose, make sure it’s comfortable and easy walking.

How to choose right quinceanera dresses

The biggest part for quinceanera party is quinceanera dresses. Right quinceanera dresses will makes you looked like princess and be the center of party. It’s a bit hard when shopping for your quinceanera dresses, but it’s also a fun shopping experience especially after got the perfect quinceanera dress.

Firstly, set budget. Who doesn’t want be surrounded by complements when wear quinceanera dresses? You need to make sure you will end up with a right quinceanera dress in affordable price, so it’s important to make a budgets, it will help you to narrow down your choice and make decisions much quicker.

It’s quick and easy when chooses quinceanera dress by styles, but you will find out the dress not fit when wearing it cause you ignore the details and body shape. Different girls have different figures; you should choose a right dress to flatter your figure. Mermaid quinceanera dresses are perfect for tall and slim girls. Dropped quinceanera dresses is ideal choice for the girls who have long legs but short bodice.

When shopping quinceanera dresses, you can’t choose it because your mom likes it or one of your friends like it. You should follow your heart and make sure the dress can emphasize your personality. It means lot because this is a big milestone from a girl to a woman.

The color of quinceanera dresses are varieties, you need to consider the main color you want to make a choice or which color is your favorite. No matter which color you will choose, make sure it’s flatter your skin tone.

You should try on different quinceanera dresses more than five styles; you need to consider the price range, dress color and designs to narrow down choice.

Don’t to be afraid to ask questions to dressmaker, they are professional and knows which decision is better, and their work is make customer happy. Just be relaxed and enjoy your shopping, you will be a beautiful princess at your party day.

How to choose bridesmaid dresses

It’s exhausted already after choose wedding dress, now you have to deal with bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid is one of the important groups among wedding guests, you should choose the dress make them looks good, but also looked harmony with your wedding. Here are some steps may help you to find the right bridesmaid dresses.

Firstly, talk with bridesmaid. You should know every girl’s taste and dislikes make sure they won’t hate their dresses.

You should consider who pay the bridesmaid dresses. But no matter who pay the dress, you all need to set budgets.

Check the internet and start to choose one style bridesmaid dresses you like, and send it to the girls to ask if one of them is not ok. Then choose similar styles to make reference.

Try to be different. Many wedding photos show the bridesmaid dress in uniform. You should to have a different wedding now. There’s no need to require the girls wear same dress, you can choose different styles by their body shape. Doesn’t worry about the wedding coordinate, as long as they wear same in small details such as dress color is perfect.

Bridesmaid dresses are usually in floor length for formal wedding, its elegance and traditional. Knee length bridesmaid gowns are cute and perfect for outside wedding. Don’t choose too short gowns for bridesmaid girls, they will be the center of wedding if do.

Start shopping with your wedding dress; it’s perfect if you order wedding dress and bridesmaid gowns in same shop. So the shop sales will know what kind of wedding feels you would like.

Customized is always better than standard size. Make sure every bridesmaid in right measurements and make bridesmaid dresses in customize. So t you can save money and time in alteration.

At last, just relax and enjoy your shopping. You will have a fantastic wedding.

Tips for choosing quinceanera dresses

Quinceanera ceremony is one of the most important stages in every girl’s life. It’s the big mile stone from a girl to an adult. For most Latina countries, quinceanera is sweet 16 or sweet 15, But for Asia countries, 18 is the adult age. No matter what country you are, you all need to wear stunning quinceanera dresses at that day to celebrate. Below are some tips for you when choosing quinceanera dresses much easier.

Firstly, you should consider the budget. Your parents will charge your quinceanera expense; you should talk with them before shopping. So you can have the target price range on the quinceanera dresses to save energy and time.

Set the quinceanera theme at early, so you can have feelings for what kind of quinceanera dresses will be appropriate.

Try on different quinceanera dresses as best as you can, so you can know what kind of quinceanera gown is flattering your body shape and skin tone.

Tall and slim girls can choose puffy quinceanera dresses with a waistband; it will help you to break your long heights. One shoulder quinceanera dress is perfect for the girls to have a wide shoulder. If you are worry about the big arms, you can choose off shoulder quinceanera dresses with sleeves.

The color of quinceanera dresses are very important, it should flatter your skin tone. You can choose one solid color or colorful quinceanera dresses as you want, but make sure you feel confidence when wearing this color.

The decorations of the quinceanera dresses usually in ruffles or layers , some puffy quinceanera dress has rosette design , no matter what kind of quinceanera dresses you will wear , make sure you are comfortable and easy walking.

Tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

Every bride will be overwhelmed by wedding planning. Finally you got the dreamed wedding dress, now it’s the time to choose bridesmaid dresses. Of course it’s difficult than shopping your wedding dress, but it’s the necessary for every bride to through.

Firstly, make budgets. You should make a list of budget plans on wedding things such as wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, mother dresses and flower girl dresses. Oh, there is also honeymoon cost.

Talk with the girls first. So you can have the basic idea of what kind bridesmaid dresses they would like to wear, and tell them your requirements of the dress. For example, you decide the color of length, leave others to them. There’s no need to ask bridesmaid wear same uniform, as long as they look harmony with wedding is fine.

Check the internet and wedding magazine, make a note of interested bridesmaid dresses you want them wear, and send to the girls to make choice. Don’t choose too chic or sparkled gowns for bridesmaid, they will cover you up if you actually choose sequined dress for them.

As the bride, you need to consider lots, so choose one of the bridesmaid girl to charge bridesmaid dresses and talk with you. So that you have separated time to consider other things.

You need to check with every bridesmaid to answer you seriously question “would you like to be my bridesmaid “. Cause as the bridesmaid, she should have time and energy to talk with the dress ideas. You can’t ask a new mommy to be your bridesmaid, while she still concern new born baby. Although it’s a harsh question, but you need to ask!

At last , you should forget the rules or traditional , just make decision by your heart , you will be the glamour bride and will have a fantastic wedding !

Tips for choosing right evening dresses

Every woman deserves a formal gown no matter what kind style. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed when choosing right evening dresses. But on opposite, it’s very easy and quickly to find the best evening dress after followed these guidelines.

Firstly, make sure you know clearly of your body shape. Different women have different curves; you should take your measurements of your bust, waist and height correctly, so you can know what kind of your figure is.

Pearl shape women should go for A-line evening dresses which can flatter your bottom naturally. Hourglass shape ladies are the sexiest figures which need to wear mermaid evening dresses. Petite women should go for sheath evening gowns which enhance your height. Empire evening gowns are designed for maternity women or for the women who have a big stomach.

The colors of evening gowns are very important. You should combine with your skin tone and event formality. Light skin tone ladies can go any color no matter red or black. While dark skin tones such as brown skin tone, you’d better stay away from deep color evening gowns such as brown, grey or black. Royal blue evening dresses are the safest choice for dark skin tones.

The details of evening dresses are very crucial such as neckline. Busty women should go for deep neckline gowns such as V-neckline or plunge neckline. Small bust lady should go for bateau or jewel necklines. Off shoulder neckline are very perfect for narrow shoulder women, while one shoulder evening dress is the ideal choice for broad shoulder lady.

Evening gowns are usually in full length. Most evening dresses come with a small train. Make sure you bring evening heels when shopping the dress. You can ask the dress shop to add a hook at back train so you can lift it when walking or dancing.

Tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

It’s a tough decision when choosing bridesmaid dresses. Because every bridesmaid girl have different tastes and opinions, but you are the one to make final decision. You should choose right bridesmaid dresses to make them happy but also fit your wedding. Here are some rules may help you to get the bridesmaid gowns much easier and quicker.

Firstly, you should combine your wedding dress and wedding theme. Make sure main color of bridesmaid dresses are reflect the wedding.

Set a budget no matter who pays the bridesmaid dresses. Most bridesmaid pay the dresses by themselves, make sure you will choose a dress which under every bridesmaid’s budget. If the dress paid by bride, then you also need to choose affordable bridesmaid dresses cause wedding is expensive.

The style of bridesmaid dresses you can search on internet or Google. Don’t choose too fashion or chic gowns for bridesmaid, many classy bridesmaid gowns are simple but elegance. Make a list of interested dresses you want the girls to wear, and ask the girls to make choice.

Take seriously of bridesmaid dresses color. Even the color of bridesmaid gowns should reflect the wedding, but you don’t have to ask the bridesmaid group to wear exactly same color gowns. If the wedding main color is pink, you can choose light color gowns with pink sash. As long as they looked harmony with wedding is fine.

Don’t expect they will wear uniform bridesmaid dresses. You should remember one dress don’t fit all the girls! Many trendy bridesmaid gowns are in A-line silhouette but with different necklines are great choices for different figure bridesmaid.

Don’t start late. It’s better to customize the bridesmaid dresses rather than alter. Many shops have customized service but with long delivery time, so make sure you have enough time when start bridesmaid gowns.

At last, be an open mind bride and listen to bridesmaid. They are your best friends and closest families; you won’t have a sad bridesmaid at wedding album!